Corona Worship Update

Published November 10, 2020 by Ralph Hough in Worship

November 10, 2020

We are months into the Covid-19 worship schedule and for the most part have kept our distance, and we are starting to open up more and more! Can you say, “Praise the Lord!” We certainly can. While we have limited the numbers on Sunday morning, many have been watching the services on Facebook. Many thanks go to Richard Tellman for that and the extra camera for my office to do devotions during the week! Giving has been good, people mailing their offerings in or dropping off at the church.

The past few weeks we have had an increase in worship as we have been increasing worship attendance. We still have more room in our 2nd service. The opportunities to connect to our community continue to increase and we give God thanks for keeping us healthy even while we pray for many who need His intervening help. For the short term we will continue to post the service. Look here:

As we continue to open up and add numbers we know that many who are immune compromised, have been sick or around someone who has been sick, will continue to stay home as they should. We are not looking to ‘martyr’ ourselves in the face of this virus that has shut down much of what we know life, worship, work and pleasure is for our nation and world.

We have been blessed to cruise along and are getting through this with flying colors and a greater assurance of God’s keeping presence in our lives! Be at peace with Him for He is at peace with you!

P Ralph

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