Summer 2021

Published June 1, 2021 by Ralph Hough in Worship

A Christian’s Mission.

This Summer series is designed to help us think more deeply about our place in the mission of God. We look at the opportunities we, as the Church, have in a world that needs the Good News of Jesus. each person’s role in this endeavor is as vital as it has ever been. Each week will present a new facet of the Christian’s Mission, adding up to the “abundant life.”

The original work was done in 1970 by Rev Richard Schultz work this book “to provide guidance for the Christian who ask not only, “What should I believe?” but also, like the apostle Paul, “What should I do?” Each week there is a different lesson/theme for our Sunday worship. There will be a Lesson sheet inserted in bulletin so that you can go more deeply into the weekly themes during the week. We will strive to have each lesson either downloadable or emailed to each family. Please strive to be faithful in worship and utilize the resources/bible studies as a means to strengthen your devotional/missional life as a Christian!

  • The Christian is Enlisted in God’s Mission –
  • Every Christian a Minister in God’s Mission –
  • Equipped for Our Mission –
  • On Mission in the Congregation –
  • Our Mission Beyond Our Congregation –
  • On Mission in All the World –
  • On Mission Where You Are –
  • On Mission in Helping and Healing –
  • On Mission to Whole Church –
  • On Mission in Social Crisis –
  • On Mission in Family –
  • Christian Mission – Abundant Life –

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