Clearly Christian:

Following Jesus in This Age of Confusion (Completed January 2020)

In our modern age, network’s connect people around the world, yet we struggle to remember our next door neighbor’s name. We have access to more information than ever, but it hasn’t solved the problems of discrimination, prejudice, or self-absorption. We have an excess of many things – gadgets, technology, cat memes – but nothing is more abundant that confusion. This confusion swirls around and seeps into the Christian faith.

Clearly Christian takes the confusion head on. Trevor Sutton dispels one falsehood about Christianity after another. In our Men’s Breakfast we will enjoy fellowship, food and a stroll through this book as we deal on a daily basis with this confusion that swirls around the world we live in. We meet on 2nd Saturday of month from 7:30-9am. Invite a friend and come on in!