2021 Eyewitnesses of the Passion

Lent 2021

This Lenten season will take a look at those individuals whose scriptural account put them front and center of our Lord’s passion on the night He was betrayed… sleeping Disciples, betraying and denying disciples and other players whose appearance in Scripture fixed history firmly in our minds. God did not hold back from His rebellious creation, but instead meet the devil, death and sinful man on this night of high passion and historical drama whose affects mankind has felt roaring through the millennia bringing salvation the lost and hurting, betrayed and battered… This God/Man gave His life for you. Come meet with us – Wednesdays in Lent beginning with Ash Wednesday, February 17, 11 am and 7 pm

  • Ash Wednesday – Watch With Me
  • February 24 – You Betray Me With a Kiss?
  • March 3 – Aren’t You One of His Disciples?
  • March 10 – I Find No Crime In Him
  • March 17 – You, Take His Cross for Him
  • March 24 – Here is Your Mother/Here is Your Son

Holy Week 2021

  • April 1 Maundy Thursday 7 pm
  • April 2 Good Friday 7 pm
  • April 4 Easter 8 and 10:30 am