The Christian’s Mission Chapter 1 lesson

The Christian’s Mission – Chapter 1

Summer 2021 Worship Theme Schedule

Material taken from “The Christian’s Mission” by Rev. Richard Schultz  CPH©1970

(Suggestions and questions at the end of each week refer the reader to some Scripture readings that will add depth to the message themes. They provide points of discussion in a group setting.)

  1. The Christian is Enlisted in God’s Mission
    1. God Himself is Involved
    1. A “God-sized” Job
    1. God’s Mission Becomes the Christian’s Mission
    1. How Did We Get Involved in This?

Bible reading and Study

  1. Read Eph 1: 3-14. Read the section rapidly. Then begin again and note (or list on paper) the actions of God for us (underscore these words in the text) that St Paul records here. This will help you understand what is involved in God’s part of carrying out His mission.
  • The Scripture contains many references to people being sent to fulfill some specific part of God’s work. Read the following passages and determine in each case who was sent, the purpose of the sending, and how each person God choose was especially suited for the task.
    • Genesis 45:5 –
      • Esther 4:14 –
      • Mark 5: 19 –
      • Read Luke 14:25-33. Are the illustrations Jesus uses for “counting the cost” applicable in our culture?

What are some of the “costs” that might be demanded from a person today because he remains faithful to Christ in Word and deed?

  • Read Romans 8. St Paul was evidently aware of the dangers to which he was opening himself as an active Christian. What reason does he give for remaining faithful in mission despite some of the consequences?

Problem and Projects

  1. Reconsider the problem posed at the beginning of the message. In what ways does church membership differ from membership in civic clubs?
  2. A casual survey of church members you know might be revealing. Ask a number of friends what personal involvements they have undertaken as members of the church. Try to determine whether or not people (without prompting) have a sense of being involved in God’s mission to the world.

Thinking It Through For Myself

  1. Have I identified my life with Christ’s mission, or have I delegated this to pastors, teachers, or committees?
  • As a Christian, am I only part of an audience? (Or am I involved with life in the world around me?)
  • Would I agree that the “organized congregation” and the Christian mission are not necessarily identical?
  • Do I have a positive view of my discipleship, or is religion for me chiefly negatives?
  • In what ways is a Christian always a “bridge to people?”
  • Where is my largest field for service to Christ: in daily living faith or attending church functions?
  • What is the relation between my daily intake of spiritual food and my life’s witness?
  • In what ways does involvement in Christ mission give me a sense of life fulfillment?
  • Did this weeks’ theme change or modify my sense of values and my life purpose?