I Am A Church Member

Event Date: September 8, 2019 Time: 8am Location: Sanctuary
Address: 8888 Co Rd 64, Daphne, AL 36526


Beginning September 8 Ascension Lutheran will do a 6-week campaign:

“I Am A Church Member”.

This is a series of messages that is based on and coincides with the book of the same name: I Am A Church Member. Every member will get a copy to read and hopefully be a part of a small group for 6 weeks (meeting once a week). Sunday morning themes will follow the chapters of the book (only 79 pages) and small groups will gather in homes, meet at church or wherever groups decide. A person could host a group in their home while another person will facilitate discussion based on the questions that come after every chapter.

Each small group can decide who will bring snack/deserts and drink. A sign-up sheet for hosts, facilitators and snack bringers will be posted in Narthex by August 11. There will be a time of training for facilitators and hosts around the end of August unless it is deemed that hosts and facilitators are good to go!

One of the opportunities this presents is for there to be a greater level of fellowship outside of Sunday Worship. And as each of us grows in our understanding of what church membership means, we will understand better God’s will for His redeemed and gathered people in Christ. Books will be ordered by middle August and distributed by Labor Day Weekend.

If you have a question please talk with P Ralph: 251-626-7500 or 330-209-0012


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