Read Through the Bible in a Year!

We finished this in August of 2021 but you may want to make a yearly habit to read through the Scripture. Every time you open God’s Word you find more to be encouraged and strengthened by in Jesus.

Along with the purchase of our new Lutheran Study Bibles, we will use The Gideons read through the Bible reading guide. It begins at the beginning of both the Old and New Testaments and continues all year long. We will have a ‘barometer’ to gauge how we are doing as we spur one another along this journey. You can invite friends or relatives to join you. You can makes comments on this Facebook page about what new insight you gleaned in your reading. Most importantly, you will be connecting with Your Lord and His Word that will be a blessing beyond our understanding! His Word is truly a “lamp for our feet and a light for our path.” Psalm 119:105

You are encouraged weekly at any time good for you to comment on our Facebook page any insight you have gleaned that week that gave you an “AHA” moment! This link: should get to to that page!

A prayer to begin your journey: Heavenly Father, we are extremely blessed to have Your Word written for our salvation and spiritual edification. Bless our time in the Word and my our thirst for Your will done Your way result in Your Kingdom’s advance beyond what we hope or imagine! Through Christ our Lord, Amen.