Visit Olde Bethlehem

Event Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 4 - 7 PM Location: Ascension Lutheran Church
Address: 8888 County Rd 64, Daphne, Ala 36526

Stroll into Bethlehem and be met by the Census Taker, the Shepherds, Soldiers and Tax collector. King Herod makes an appearance as well, as he “desires to worship this new-born king!” Walk through Bethlehem marketplace to take in the sights of this busy city. After all this walking, see if there is any room for you at the inn! Perhaps you’ll meet new ‘friends’ on this journey as you find the long awaited ‘Hope of the World’ where you’d least suspect!  This wonderful family event is presented by Ascension Lutheran Church in Daphne, Alabama. This is our 4th year, and it continues to grow and bless both community and church! This walk through event is interactive and hands on for the children, both young and old alike!

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